Total immersion: 3 questions

1. Why choose the WAKE UP 2 English Experience?

Having lived and worked in Spain for over 25 years, I have seen little change in the approach towards English language learning in the educational system. I think that most people would agree that in spite of the many years of obligatory study, the level of communication skills is unbelievably low.

This is not due to a lack of ability or aptitude, but simply because there is no “incubation period” for people to assimilate and internalize the language. Being exposed to a language on a continuous basis offers a clear example of how it works, and how it really sounds too.

With time you internalize these model responses and can modify them accordingly to fit the circumstances. When English is spoken spontaneously within a real meaningful context, rather than a theoretical one, the words become imprinted on the mind.

2. Who is the WAKE UP 2 English experience for?

Individuals or couples, over 18, who want to brush up on their English communication skills; perhaps with a view to work abroad, travel, take an exam or enter the job market better prepared. Some of the students I have coached, explain their motives for wanting to improve their English in this way:

  • Preparation for life and work abroad
  • Preparation for travelling abroad
  • Preparation for taking an official examination : A2, B1, B2 and C1
  • Preparation for entering the job market

What are your aspirations regarding English?
How can we help you reach them?

Wakeup 2 English

3. How we can help you?

Acquiring a language is more effective than learning it, and although you are not led to believe so, mastering a foreign language is more of a social skill than an academic one. You cannot study your way to becoming fluent alone. These issues can be focused on in one-to-one classes, along with diagnosis and addressing of specific difficulties encountered during the stay... away from study/classroom environment. We also concentrate on opening your mind and your ears to acquiring the language.

We can

You would be surprised that even a C1 student can have problems pronouncing seemingly simple words such as "orange and pear". Click links below to check correct pronunciation.

Wakeup 2 English

We know that you learn more if you are relaxed, comfortable and happy - We welcome you to become part of our family for the week.

You will

By the end of your stay you will be more confident in your ability to understand and respond. With an increased awareness of the language you will be better attuned to deciphering meaning rather than trying to capture every single word. You will certainly be more confident in your abilities, and as we all know confidence is the key if you want to communicate successfully.